Are is a good employer

For us, the year 2015 was a time for building a new, common corporate culture and creating common practices, after Lemminkäinen’s technical building services business had been transferred to Are in the previous year. We reviewed our common operating models, introduced a common ERP system, streamlined our operations, and intensified cooperation both internally at Are and with clients and business partners.


We have satisfied employees

For the first time, we carried out a personnel survey for Are employees. The results were positive. Throughout the company, people are satisfied with their jobs and their work. They regarded the activities of the workplace community as an asset. Improvement is needed in managerial supervision and to that end we have already launched projects and training. For example, in a project to improve everyday communication we have interviewed about 200 fitters, project managers and supervisors with the result that concrete practices improving the flow of information have already been implemented.


The company’s turnover rate continued to decrease.


Slight improvement in accident frequency rate

We did not quite reach our target for 2015 regarding the accident frequency rate, but we are going in the right direction and the frequency decreased. There occurred no serious injuries requiring retraining or replacement. We have implemented a host of measures to reduce the number of accidents. The safety officers have made site visits and have received training and education in occupational safety and health matters. We have emphasized the importance of wearing personal protective equipment and have subscribed to a protective equipment locker service. To be able to learn from accidents, we include photographs in all accident reports.


Between our business areas and units there are still large differences in the accident frequency rate, and we are now taking the best practices across the business area and unit borders. We train our supervisors to address all safety breaches and we expect an investigation to be conducted into every accident. We have improved our personal protective equipment by adding bright colours and reflectors while also introducing new comfortable workwear. Our new information system for occupational safety and well-being, to be launched this spring, will help unit managers carry out their duties related to occupational safety and health better than before. 


Sick absences continued to decrease

We take good care of our employees: the sick absence rate at Are has now decreased below five per cent. We have harmonized our practices for occupational health and well-being, and managers have already adopted the new practices. We have focused on early intervention, retraining and job modification. In the spring, we also harmonized our occupational health care practices, introducing a new health insurance scheme to ensure our employees’ ability to work. 


 Number of personnel   Accident frequency rate 2013 - 2015