Property Services

The net sales from Property Services amounted to EUR 176 million. Net sales in Finland increased by five per cent. The operating result remained good and was on the same level as in previous years. We succeeded well in serving our clients. Existing maintenance contracts were extended and new ones were signed, e.g. with industrial plants.


Everybody profits from an intelligent operating model

We have expanded our Smart Maintenance approach to several client accounts during the past year. The benefits of this approach can already be seen. In 2013, we started to apply our Smart Maintenance scheme to Turku Technology Properties—with a total floor area of about 150,000 square metres—and, during the past year, operations have shifted from corrective repairs to planned predictive maintenance. By utilizing the property managers’ expertise we have been able to tackle the root causes of problems. We will continue expanding the client base for the Smart Maintenance concept during the year 2016.


We will adopt Smart Control Room Services for which we will be utilizing data collected from the buildings and the socalled Internet of Things. By combining our strong technical maintenance know-how with the vast body of data from the Internet of Things, we can better anticipate and plan for future service needs and develop the properties consistently and cost-efficiently.


A new mobile system supports customer service

Last autumn we introduced a new mobile-based system for managing our resources. The system enables us to better manage our operations and to ensure a fast and flexible service for the client. The digital transition enables us to improve and enhance our internal processes.


Good service contracts in Russia

During the year, we carried out a number of measures to improve profitability in Russia. We focused on service contract sales, with good success, particularly among Finnish clients. Our aim is to continue expanding our client base in St Petersburg.

New service contracts

  • Country-wide maintenance of Citycon’s shopping centres
  • Extension to Nokia’s maintenance services in Espoo
  • Country-wide maintenance of Niam’s properties
  • Country-wide maintenance services for Halpa-Halli
  • Maintenance services for ST1 service station chain
  • Framework agreement on technical services for Valmet Technologies
  • Maintenance services for Senate Properties in Eastern Finland and Helsinki Metropolitan Area
  • Maintenance services for Technopolis in St Petersburg
  • Maintenance services for AmRest restaurant chain in St Petersburg




Net sales of Property Services