UPS systems and selecting and acquiring backup power systems

When considering UPS and backup power there are many factors to take into account. Familiarize yourself with a few tips from our experts.

Service in blue and white

Are has been awarded with the Key Flag as a recognition for Finnish service. What does this mean for a company working within the buiding services industry?

Virtual reality in construction – a geek utopia?

The possibilities of utilizing mixed reality in construction and real estate are countless.

User-oriented premises yield the best customer experience

Customer is in charge at user-oriented premises.

Enabling smart property solutions

Digitalisation uses modern means to combine operative and information technology. This integration is often referred to by the general term IoT.

Copters to improve roof inspections

In many cases, observing the roof by sight is enough for an annual inspection of the condition of the roof.

Best recipe for good indoor conditions

Measuring indoor conditions offers digital information on the conditions of the property, showing the way to any problem sources.

Be inspired to inspire – managerial skills can be learned just like any other skill

Learning new skills is a constant requirement in today's ever-changing working life.

Gas extinguishing for critical facilities!

A correctly scaled, high-quality extinguishing solution is safe to people and protects the business from stoppages and property damage.

Well-being at work – and for life

You can build your working capacity in the same way as modern properties are constructed and then maintain your property throughout its life cycle.

Energy efficiency through solar power

We have been working with energy efficiency projects for a long time now, offering our customers the best comprehensive solutions.

From a trainee to a project coordinator

A story of a Are employee from a project coordinator trainee to a project coordinator.

Rantaväylä Tunnel – a successful alliance project

The strengths of an alliance include sharing information effectively and identifying new solutions.

Digitisation for buildings

Digitisation offers immense opportunities to the real estate sector, providing there is the expertise to make efficient use of them.

Superior customer experiences

Today, there is much talk about the service experience, which should be improved continuously by means of service design, for example.