Be inspired to inspire – managerial skills can be learned just like any other skill

Learning new skills is a constant requirement in today's ever-changing working life.

Gas extinguishing for critical facilities!

A correctly scaled, high-quality extinguishing solution is safe to people and protects the business from stoppages and property damage.

Well-being at work – and for life

You can build your working capacity in the same way as modern properties are constructed and then maintain your property throughout its life cycle.

Energy efficiency through solar power

We have been working with energy efficiency projects for a long time now, offering our customers the best comprehensive solutions.

From a trainee to a project coordinator

A story of a Are employee from a project coordinator trainee to a project coordinator.

Rantaväylä Tunnel – a successful alliance project

The strengths of an alliance include sharing information effectively and identifying new solutions.

Digitisation for buildings

Digitisation offers immense opportunities to the real estate sector, providing there is the expertise to make efficient use of them.

Superior customer experiences

Today, there is much talk about the service experience, which should be improved continuously by means of service design, for example.

A summer job at Are: My thoughts and expectations

With regard to the future, all work experience is valuable, so opportunities should not be wasted.

Safety is caring

To be able to enjoy our free time with the people we care about the most, we must be passionate about safety: safety is caring.

Everyone is responsible for safety at work

Sufficient nutrition, sleep and looking after one’s body ensure safety.

Turnkey projects for high quality and controlled costs

Turnkey means complete responsibility: through an agreement, the contractor is responsible for both the design and the implementation of the entire project.

Maintenance with eyes on the environment

Maintenance that takes into account the entire life cycle of the property makes it possible to achieve savings.