Plumbing renewal projects

Are provides your property with a plumbing renewal project that meets your specific needs.
upgrade your technical building system
in one go
Linjasaneeraukset ja putkiremontit

Are is an experienced, widely recognised plumbing renewal professional. If needed, we will upgrade the entire technical building system for your property.

Pipeline renovation projects and extensive plumbing renewal projects are implemented by Are in the Helsinki and Jyväskylä regions.


Are excels at pipeline-renovation projects

Pipeline renovation is an extensive project that requires a high level of expertise. Are is an experienced, widely recognised plumbing renewal professional. If needed, we will reliably repair and renovate the entire technical building system in your property, in accordance with your specific needs.


Bringing technical building systems up to date

In conjunction with a pipeline renovation project, it usually pays to upgrade the entire technical building system, particularly the electrical systems, ventilation systems and data connections. Our experts take care of the project as a whole: we offer the widest selection of technical building services in the country, including all the heating, plumbing, drainage and ventilation work, in addition to electrical systems and antenna and data network cabling.


Implementation is customer service

There needs to be a good working relationship between the contractor and property manager. Key success factors include adherence to the schedule, the quality of the work and the accessibility of construction site supervisors. The residents of the building and the users of other facilities affected by the renovations need real-time information throughout the project. Our project managers and engineers have received good feedback on their attitude towards customer service.

We have many tried-and-tested solutions for communicating with residents: information kits, briefings, show rooms, mailing lists, weekly newsletters and apartment-specific bulletins. We will keep the residents, the shareholders of the housing cooperative, the property manager and other contacts up to date with the progress of the renovation project.

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