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ARE provides your property with technical building solutions that meet your specific needs.
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Project execution

Modern technical building solutions boost the environmental performance of new and renovated buildings. We provide comprehensive technical building solutions that always meet customers’ needs. As well as providing the full range of technical building systems, we ensure their compatibility.

We offer construction services both as subcontracts and as full contracts for all types of building. In addition to extensive experience in commercial, industrial and residential construction, we have special expertise in building services construction for demanding projects, such as projects for data centres and hospital and underground construction. 


All the technical building services that you need

We will ensure that the technical building solutions create conditions and functionalities that meet your individual goals and the needs of the users of your property. Success is guaranteed when design support, purchasing channels, employees and project phases are managed in a centralised manner.


Our services covers

  • Heating, plumbing and ventilation
  • Electricity, UPS and backup power
  • Cooling
  • Fire safety and security technologies
  • Automation
  • Fixed data networks for ICT infrastructure.
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ARE Sensus® is a comprehensive solution

ARE Sensus® is a patented technical building system developed by ARE that meets the criteria for clean technology. Sensus is always implemented as a turnkey project.