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Our long-established project management model ensures that we are competitive.
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Project management in technical building services requires special expertise. Our experts will support you throughout your construction project.

Buildings are increasingly making use of new technology, and higher energy-efficiency targets are being set. The necessity for renovation is growing as well. Cooperation between experts in various fields is required to ensure the optimal performance of new technologies.


Project management experts at your service

Are provides you with the best know-how in the field, committed employees with excellent organisational skills and the resources of a leading technical building services company. Our reliable experts support you with your project management. We are familiar with all types of technical building systems, and we make efficient use of our in-house expertise for your benefit.


Impressive expertise and resources

We operate nationally, with local project management expertise throughout Finland. We have the capacity to deliver any type of project, including major contracts and demanding sites that require special expertise. Our extensive in-house resources are complemented by our cooperation with the best partners in the field.


A tried-and-tested operating model

Our long-established project management model ensures that we are competitive. Your needs determine the extent of our support: we can help you with setting your budget and quality requirements and requesting bids for your subprojects, and with design management, cost monitoring and implementation management.

We will work closely with you throughout the contract, from the project phase to successful commissioning. We use tried-and-tested practices for self-commissioning and acceptance inspections. These practices ensure that your building is fully operational on schedule, immediately after project completion.

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Are excels at technical building systems

As our client, you will have access to the most comprehensive selection of technical building systems and building technologies in Finland.