Smart Maintenance

A property can be optimised with Smart Maintenance.
Remote monitoring and control
Supports maintenance

Have you given any thought to how the maintenance of your property could be developed to best support the success of your company, employees and customers?

Smart Maintenance is an operating model that has been developed by Are over a long period of time. The concept is based on identifying the client’s needs and building a customised service package around those needs in cooperation with the client.

Each client has different needs. The property owner’s profit expectations – as well as the purpose of use of the property and the needs of its users – determine the best way to maintain the property and invest in it.

In advanced technical building systems, everything affects everything, and the whole cannot be managed without extensive, in-depth expertise, a seamless network of professionals and an understanding of the client’s needs. Are offers all of this, and we are driven by a genuine desire to develop more sustainable and efficient maintenance operations.


Measured performance capacity ensures reliable results

The assessment of your property’s performance capacity lays a rock-solid foundation for your business development. Working together with you, we will create a set of indicators to identify the specific needs of your property and its users. Our systematic management model ensures high-quality, preventive maintenance operations throughout the organisation. Our expertise covers all the types of technical building systems, and you will have access to a nationwide network of maintenance services and expert services.

Smart Maintenance is designed to monitor the cost of maintenance operations, compare it to the actual benefits and identify more efficient alternatives, if necessary. Smart Maintenance offers:


  • optimised maintenance and upkeep 
  • more energy- and cost efficient property maintenance
  • the best possible indoor conditions
  • satisfied property users


Properties seldom offer instant profits, but we have several decades of experience, which means that you will be able to enjoy the results of our cooperation sooner than usual.

Take a look at our references to see how our clients have benefited from Smart Maintenance in practice

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