June 21, 2016 Are to renovate an office property for Onvest

Are Oy         Press release         21 June 2016 at 10:15 a.m.


Are will operate as the main contractor in the renovation of the office property at Teollisuuskatu 33 (net floor area 14 000 m2) for Onvest. The property will be modernised to correspond to the future working environment demands of the office building. The property will be completely renovated and equipped with the Are Sensus technical building services system.

“We want to turn the Teollisuuskatu property into a high-quality workspace that fulfils the future needs of demanding customers. Thanks to the Are Sensus system, we can achieve excellent indoor climate and flexible, modifiable spaces,” says Juha Huuskonen, Facilities Manager at Onvest.


Are service contract supports cooperation

The Teollisuuskatu project will be carried out as an Are service contract, in which main contractor Are will work in close and open cooperation with the customer and designers. This means that the customer can make deisions regarding the quality, level and costs of construction throughout the entire project.


“The project will be implemented on a tight schedule, as the space will be delivered to its new tenants as early as in summer 2017. The service contract model makes it possible to start the work at the same time with the design phase, which shortens the implementation period significantly. With the open contract model, any wishes of the tenant can be implemented easily without awkward reimbursement and additional invoicing processes,” comments Huuskonen.


“The decision to use the service contract method was definitely influenced by the successful completion of the new Mega Express commercial property in Koivuhaka, Vantaa, which was rented to Onninen and implemented using the same method,” says Regional Director Marko Otranen of Are.


“We are taking full responsibility for the project, including the building and technical service systems work. This way we can avoid any confusion at the contract interfaces and can achieve the planned interior climate and energy goals as soon as the property is completed,” Otranen continues.


More information:

Are Oy

Atso Kangas-Hynnilä, Area Manager, tel. +358 40 300 5555, atso.kangas-hynnila@are.fi 

Marko Otranen, Regional Director, tel. +358 40 300 5706, marko.otranen@are.fi 


Onvest Group

Juha Huuskonen, Facilities Manager, tel. +358 44 973 9713, juha.huuskonen@onvest.fi 


Are is the largest technical building services company in Finland. Our technical building contracting and property maintenance services guarantee energy efficiency and a comfortable indoor climate throughout the entire life cycle of the building. 

We focus on intelligent technical maintenance and our Are Sensus low-energy system in particular. Established more than 100 years ago, the Are Group employs approximately 2,900 people. We serve our customers in 25 locations in Finland and in St Petersburg, Russia. More information: www.are.fi.


Onvest is a Finnish family company founded in 1913. The company’s operations are made up of Are, which provides technical building services; Feon, which provides comprehensive services for steel buyers; and investment activities diversified into various types of securities as well as property management services for logistics, office and commercial properties. Onvest provides over 3,000 jobs.

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