Digitisation in the property business

Are Oy           Press release           31 August 2016 at 9:00 a.m.


What if we could fine tune the conditions of a building based on access control data or weather forecasts? What if we could stop performing preventive seasonal maintenance and focus on servicing the equipment as and when required?


Yesterday, Are launched its concept of “digitalosaatio”, i.e. the digitisation of buildings. The property business has a long way to travel before it can match the digitisation rate of other industries. However, we can achieve rapid changes through effective cooperation within the field and with various expert organisations. The digital leap of the property business will take place sooner or later, and it will transform the industry to the core.


Ongoing development projects


Are is part of the Internet of Buildings, a research project launched at Aalto University in September that aims to discover the best ways of creating ecosystems of buildings using remote control centres, the IoT and service providers. 


“We want to be involved in this change, because we think it has relevance both for the property business and for society at large, and we are also looking for new solutions that will help our customers to use their resources more efficiently and choose renewables more often,” says Juho Siitonen, CTO at Are.


Are has also other smart projects in addition to the Internet of Buildings, such as the Smart Control Centre development project that aims to find new solutions for remote control and maintenance management at properties.


For more information on Are’s thoughts about digitisation, read Juho Siitonen’s blog post or visit the Are website (in Finnish).


Other references:

Juho Siitonen’s presentation at the Smart Maintenance 2016 event (pdf in Finnish).


More information:

Juho Siitonen, CTO, tel. +358 40 300 5418, juho.siitonen@are.fi 


Are is the largest technical building services company in Finland. Our technical building contracting and property maintenance services guarantee energy efficiency and a comfortable indoor climate throughout the entire life cycle of the building. 

We focus on intelligent technical maintenance and our Are Sensus low-energy system in particular. Established more than 100 years ago, the Are Group employs approximately 2,900 people. We serve our customers in 25 locations in Finland and in St Petersburg, Russia. More information: http://www.are.fi.

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