Innova 2 ja 4, Technopolis, Jyväskylä

platinum-level certification
with Are Sensus®
The Sensus low-energy centre makes efficient use of geothermal energy and free energy.

The Are Sensus system helped the Innova 2 property achieve Platinum-level LEED certification for energy efficiency. In the Innova 4 property, Sensus is also used in the recovery room of the hospital.

Are has installed the Are Sensus® low-energy system in nine Technopolis locations. All of the Innova office facilities have LEED environmental certification, including Platinum-level certification for Innova 2.


Are Sensus® makes use of geothermal energy

In the Innova 2 property, Are Sensus® makes use of geothermal energy and the free energy generated in the facilities, which considerably reduces the need for purchased energy. Sensus transfers the free heat to facilities that need heating. 

The innovative, patented Sensus low-energy centre manages and coordinates all energy flows in a property. These include free heat generated inside the building, free cooling, geothermal energy, heat from the district heating system and cool air generated by the cooling unit.

Energy piles and a heat pump are used to harvest more than 200 MWh of geothermal energy annually, which translates into a coefficient of performance (COP) of approximately 3.5.


Are Sensus for hospital facilities

In the Innova 4 building, Sensus manages the indoor climate not only in the office facilities, but also in the recovery room of the hospital. If necessary, the indoor temperature can be adjusted according to each patient’s individual needs.


Energy management through remote monitoring

Innova 2 and Innova 4 are located in the Lutakko area in the centre of Jyväskylä. Completed in 2012, Innova 2 has a total area of 9,800 square metres. Innova 4 was completed in 2013, with a total area of 10,000 square metres. Sensus is used in their office facilities, hospital facilities and street-level exhibition facilities. Energy consumption is monitored remotely.

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