Neste Corporation, Kilpilahti refinery area

accidents in 9 years
Customer satisfaction and safety at work ensured through Smart Maintenance.
“Are has been highly successful. Zero accidents in nine years is a noteworthy achievement.”
Ilpo Louhiluoto, Property Manager at Neste Oyj

Safety is important in the Kilpilahti refinery area. Are has met the challenge by providing intelligent maintenance operations.

The Kilpilahti refinery produces 12.5 million tonnes of vehicle fuel every year. Around 3,500 people work at the refinery, and special attention is always paid to their safety and skills. Are provides maintenance for the office, laboratory, storage and service facilities in the area. In addition to maintaining around 80 buildings, Are is responsible for the management of these maintenance operations.


Working closely on safety and operational development

Safety has always been a priority in the working relationship between Are and Neste, which began nine years ago. Important themes and issues are discussed at weekly safety meetings, and occupational safety is continuously monitored and developed through close cooperation. The day-to-day work is guided by an occupational safety plan. Tools and protective equipment are inspected and any risks are assessed before each task.


“Our maintenance service provider must be able to prove that they are capable of meeting our safety requirements. Safety is extremely important to us,” says Ilpo Louhiluoto, Property Manager at Neste Oyj.  


Are manages the maintenance operations in line with its Smart Maintenance concept. Excellent results are achieved through close cooperation with the client and the continuous development of safety at work, as well as preventive maintenance operations that identify the ultimate cause of any issues. “Are has been highly successful. Zero accidents in nine years is a noteworthy achievement,” says Louhiluoto


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