Technopolis, Maintenance services

acute fault repairs
in three years period
A property can be optimised with Smart Maintenance.
“We have achieved significant savings through systematic long-term cooperation, and by analysing consumption readings and implementing measures that support energy efficiency. We want to provide our customers with a five-star service. As a service provider, Are is up to this challenge.”
Janne Pohjola, Property Manager, Technopolis

Are is responsible for the maintenance of the Technopolis properties in Oulu, Jyväskylä and Tampere in Finland and in St Petersburg, Russia. Maintenance operations are managed efficiently and with proven results in line with the Intelligent Maintenance concept.

The working relationship between Are and Technopolis is based on the client’s quality requirements. Are customizes its operations and resources accordingly. The operations are managed in line with the Smart Management concept, taking into account the specific needs of each property and its users, in addition to the efficiency requirements and profit expectations for the property throughout its life cycle.

In terms of the functionality of the technical building solutions, each property is maintained individually and in a timely manner. As well as being specific to each property, the operations are as consistent as possible, regardless of the building and the people involved. Experiences and best practices are shared at regular meetings, and the management system behind Smart Maintenance ensures that best practices are followed in all locations.


Savings through smart operations

Are monitors the achievement of the agreed targets by measuring the costs of energy, maintenance, technical services and materials. We also monitor the levels of customer satisfaction and the number of repair requests and suggestions for improvement. The results recorded over the past three years speak for themselves:

  • The need for fault repairs has decreased by 25%.
  • Consumption of purchased energy has decreased by 11%.
  • Customer satisfaction has improved by 18%.
  • Operative maintenance costs have fallen by 10%.


The future is made today

Smart Maintenance solutions take into account the entire life cycle of the property, and operations are planned far into the future. Working with Technopolis has been highly successful not only because of the systematic monitoring and the analysis of results, but also thanks to a genuinely customer-focused operating model. Continuous learning and development in cooperation with the client ensure continued success in the future.

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