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We will make your property as energy-efficient, flexible and pleasant to use as possible.
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Automation supports the property

Are designs and implements modern automated building systems across the country. In addition to comprehensive system implementation, our expertise covers system maintenance and repair.

We optimise the automated systems controlling your HVACE processes and ensure that your investments are systematic throughout the life cycle of your property. We cooperate closely with the leading equipment manufacturers and offer solutions to all problems related to automated building systems. The careful implementation of automated building systems reduces costs and environmental effects.


Around the clock support

Our range of services includes remote monitoring and control as well as server services. Remote monitoring and control can be provided as a separate service or as part of a maintenance contract. We use one of the most advanced cloud-based services in the field.


Our most extensive remote monitoring services involve the daily operation of the client’s system and the constant monitoring of alarms and technical building system processes. Our Service Centre is accessible around the clock, every day of the year.


A property can be optimised

Our range of services also includes inspection and optimisation services for clients’ properties and systems. If needed, our experts will inspect the entire technical building system of your property.


We represent leading brands, such as Centraline by Honeywell and the Finnish brand Fidelix. We have a comprehensive selection of spare parts for nearly all of the existing automated systems. We can implement a wide variety of bus solutions for the most common automation buses and include all technical building system functionalities in our automation systems.


We are also intensively developing IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that serve properties and help make them more comfortable and functional. The Internet of Things is the future of automated building systems, and Are leads the way in its development and varied use.


KNX and DALI systems

Are uses the international KNX property automation standard to make commercial properties as energy-efficient, flexible and pleasant to use as possible. We offer services related to the design, installation, programming and maintenance of KNX automation and control systems across the country. Their application areas include lighting, cooling, air conditioning, fire and burglar alarms, audio and image systems, energy management and control, metering and control room applications.


KNX standard products can be used to create a control system that meets the needs of the property and can be further developed on a virtually unlimited basis. KNX is a highly flexible system that is easy to modify and expand post-installation. DALI is a digital lighting control system. It is a common connection standard that lends itself not only to lighting, but also to other property automation. The Helvar DIGIDIM routing system can be used to design comprehensive solutions where technical building systems – such as lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling and curtains – can be operated as a whole. Are designs, implements, programs and maintains Helvar DIGIDIM systems.

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