Are has the most extensive network of services in Finland.
marked the beginning
of UPS service provision at Are

Our range of services includes all electrical system solutions for properties across the country. We also design and install UPS and backup power units to ensure an uninterrupted electricity supply for critical sites.

We install durable, energy-efficient electrical system solutions that save both money and the environment. We also design and implement UPS and emergency power solutions to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to critical sites. 


From comprehensive packages to individual solutions

Our range of services includes all electrical system solutions for properties anywhere in the country. We design, install, maintain and repair systems, irrespective of the manufacturer. We also monitor faults and supply interruptions, measure loads and modify, extend and modernise electrical systems and distribution networks.  We provide all the services you need, quickly and conveniently.


Operation management services

We provide operation management services for electrical equipment for all types of property across the country.

Our highly competent operation managers ensure that your electrical equipment is used and maintained in accordance with the Electrical Safety Act. In addition to ensuring safety and operability, we take care of annual and regular maintenance, make your systems more energy-efficient and further develop your operations. We provide high-quality operation management services for hundreds of sites.


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Are Sensus is a comprehensive solution

Are is able to reduce the electricity consumption of technical building systems by as much as 25%