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High-quality facilities bring more business.
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For commercial properties, Are offers comprehensive technical building solutions that are energy-efficient and reduce adverse environmental effects.

High-quality properties generate business

Pleasant, high-quality facilities with an excellent indoor climate bring more business and customers to commercial properties while also improving employees’ well-being. We offer the full range of technical building solutions for commercial properties and are responsible for their compatibility and functionality.


From project phase to cost-efficient maintenance 

In the planning phase, we prepare product-specific and system-specific cost estimates for properties and carry out technical comparisons with regard to technical building systems. This plays a significant role in predicting the operating costs of the property. You will also have access to our cost-efficient purchasing channels throughout the project.

We will ensure that the technical building solutions create conditions and functionalities that meet your goals and the needs of the users of your property. Success is guaranteed when design support, purchasing channels, employees and project phases are managed in a centralised manner. After the project has been completed, we will provide comprehensive property management and maintenance services, as well as Smart Maintenance solutions for the entire life cycle of the property, if necessary. 


Energy-efficient solutions reduce costs

The energy-efficiency of a commercial property has a direct effect on the profitability of business operations. This is particularly true of stores that sell fresh produce and products that need cooling. Are is a pioneer in solutions that reduce the environmental impact of the retail sector. Our innovative, emission-free technical building solution keeps refrigerator and freezer showcases cold and heats indoor facilities using various sources of energy, including free energy.


Technical building solutions for stores

We repair and renovate all technical building solutions in commercial properties. We also renovate and modernise commercial properties, ensuring that they remain productive and pleasant to use throughout their life cycle. We provide a broad range of renovation services, from individual condition surveys to demanding repair measures.


Smart Maintenance ensures smooth operations

Well-organised maintenance ensures pleasant facilities for retail operations, with as few interruptions as possible. Our maintenance operations are based on our Smart Maintenance model, which takes into account the special requirements of the property and its users. In addition to creating an optimal indoor climate, our preventive, systematically managed maintenance operations make your property more efficient in terms of energy and costs. Remote monitoring solutions provide valuable information about energy consumption and the indoor climate as part of Smart Maintenance, while also ensuring uninterrupted operational control.

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