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It is important that public spaces are pleasant to visit and work in. Are ensures a good indoor climate and a high level of quality for public spaces. This increases customer satisfaction, makes costs more predictable and improves operational control.

Everyone benefits from pleasant facilities that function well. Public spaces need to be not only pleasant and energy-efficient, but also safe and accessible, and their technical systems must work without interruption. The solutions provided by Are take account of the special requirements of public spaces, such as administrative buildings, hospitals, stations, sports halls, swimming centres, museums and other facilities intended for large audiences. Preventive maintenance is essential for ensuring the quality of work and preventing interruptions.


We offer the full range of technical building systems for properties

We provide the full range of technical building solutions for public properties and are responsible for their compatibility, functionality and maintenance throughout the life cycle of the property. The flexibility of the facilities will be considered as early as the planning phase, which enables us to enhance the usability of the property under changing circumstances. We offer the following comprehensive solutions for technical building systems:


Comprehensive solutions for contracting and maintenance

Our technical building solutions create optimal conditions and the most user-friendly facilities. As our client, you will benefit from our comprehensive expertise in technical building systems, our financial expertise related to properties and our ability to manage projects efficiently from the project phase all the way to commissioning. As a large company, we are able to implement extensive projects on a tight schedule. After the project has been completed, we will provide comprehensive property management and maintenance services, as well as an intelligent maintenance solution for the entire life cycle of the property, if necessary. 


Highly competent professionals

Our highly competent employees ensure that the project and our cooperation with you runs smoothly. Success is guaranteed when design support, purchasing channels, employees and project phases are managed in a centralised manner. After the project has been completed, our highly competent maintenance employees ensure that your property will maintain its value through its life cycle.


Are Sensus® saves energy and the environment

Are Sensus® offers superior energy efficiency for various types of property. Developers can impartially compare the energy efficiency of technical building systems by using IDA simulation software before making their decision. The experts and technical building system designers at Are will deliver a Sensus solution customised to your needs to ensure a compact, cost-efficient system. In terms of price, Are Sensus is fully competitive with other technologies. Site-specific simulations have proven the efficiency of the Are Sensus system. Its actual energy consumption has corresponded to the simulation results.


Optimised properties through Smart Maintenance

Our maintenance operations are based on our Smart Maintenance model, which takes account of the special requirements of the property and its users. In addition to creating an optimal indoor climate, our preventive, systematically managed maintenance operations make your property more efficient in terms of energy and costs. Remote monitoring solutions provide valuable information about energy consumption and the indoor climate as part of Smart Maintenance, while also ensuring uninterrupted operational control.


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