Fire extinguishing solutions

Our range of services covers gas and sprinkler equipment.
fires per year
are put out by gas extinguishing equipment installed by us

Are designs, implements and maintains fire extinguishing solutions based on each customer’s specific needs across the country. We also extend, modernise and convert fire extinguishing equipment.

Our operations and all of our professionals are certified by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). Fire safety must be ensured for each and every user of a property. In the event of a fire, we will minimize the damage and enable you to continue your operations with almost no interruption.




Fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems are a critical part of an effective fire safety solution. Are provides fire alarm systems for all types of real estate, integrated to the selected fire extinguishing solution.

We offer comprehensive fire alarm system solutions for properties from design and engineering to installation and maintenance. Our design process is always based on regulations on the one hand and the specific requirements of the property on the other, as well as the customer’s wishes and expectations. All these define a well-functioning and reliable solution.

The equipment we install comes from manufacturers such as:      

·        Schneider (e.g. FX 3NET)

·        Hedengren (e.g. FireScape/Prodex-500)

·        Honeywell (e.g. Delta Compact)

Thanks to our maintenance service, the fire alarm system will operate reliably and have a long life and low annual cost.


Gas extinguishing equipment

We have a broad, varied experience and expertise in protecting special facilities, from industrial locations to server centres and valuable properties. Our range of expertise covers gas extinguishing equipment and fire prevention systems. Since 1999, we have installed nearly 2,000 gas extinguishing systems, and we provide maintenance services for 1,000 locations.

We have four service technicians providing annual maintenance services across the country. An average of 15 fires per year are put out by equipment installed by us, allowing the customer to continue their business operations with practically no interruption.

Our expertise covers all of the extinguishing gases used in Europe, and we have the only filling station in Finland for all extinguishing gases. We refill all extinguishant tanks installed in Finland. We also maintain and repair smoke extraction equipment and carry out pressure tests for civil defence shelters.


Gas-based fire suppression

Gaseous fire suppression is based either on oxygen reduction in an enclosed space or chemical cooling (absorption of heat from the fire). Our product range covers all fire extinguishing gases used in Europe (such as CleanAgent, Novec 1230 and Argon) and we operate a filling station for all fire extinguishing gases – the only one of its kind in Finland. The gases in our gas-based fire suppression systems are safe for people and environmentally friendly or have a low environmental impact.


Sprinkler equipment

We are the leading expert in sprinkler equipment in Finland, with more than 20 years of experience in its installation and maintenance. We also provide construction and renovation services. 

We are independent of equipment suppliers, and our expertise covers all types of locations that are suitable for water extinguishing equipment. Our projects include major industrial sites, warehouses, hotels and assisted living facilities, among many others.

We are easy to work with: our smoothly-running operations are guided by the customer’s needs. You will get all the services you need, quickly, with a high level of expertise, under one roof. We pay special attention to professional skills and continuously provide our employees with training. As our customer, all you need to do is place an order – our experts will take care of everything else.

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