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IDA simulation software proves the energy efficiency of Sensus.
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ARE Sensus® is energy efficient
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ARE Sensus® is the only technical building system on the market that offers a highly efficient combination of heating, cooling and ventilation.

ARE Sensus® is a patented technical building system developed by ARE which meets the criteria for clean technology. Its low-energy centre controls all the energy flows in a building, reducing the need for purchased energy by 20–40% compared to conventional technology.  Sensus also integrates lighting, electricity and ICT infrastructure into facilities in a manner that allows the facilities to be divided and expanded as necessary.   

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Optimal indoor climate

Sensus buildings are valued on the commercial property market, as their users are highly satisfied with the indoor climate: 

  • Bright, draft-free facilities
  • Uniform, easily adjustable temperature
  • Fresh and clean indoor air all year round 


For new buildings and renovation projects

Sensus is suitable for both new buildings and renovation projects. More than 40 Sensus sites have been completed since 1999, with more than 200,000 square metres of new buildings. For example, Technopolis has had the system installed on twelve sites and Sponda on three sites.  We have also completed sites for University Properties of Finland and Senate Properties.


ARE Sensus® – the most energy-efficient technical building system

The system makes use of the heat generated by the building and the coolness of the outdoor air. This considerably reduces the need for purchased energy. Sensus also allows for alternative sources of energy, such as geothermal energy and solar power, which are easy to integrate into the system.


Purchase wisely – compare before buying

ARE Sensus® offers superior energy efficiency for various types of property. However, technical building services must be considered as early as the initial stages of planning. Developers can impartially compare the energy efficiency of technical building systems by using IDA simulation software before making their decision.

Site-specific simulations have proved the energy efficiency of the Sensus system. Its actual energy consumption has corresponded to the simulation results. 


Customised to your targets

The experts, technical building system designers and architects at ARE will deliver a Sensus solution customised to your needs to ensure a compact, cost-efficient system. As an investment,  Sensus is fully competitive with other technologies.


Easy to maintain

The Sensus system operates automatically in all usage situations, adjusting the indoor climate according to season. Its basic maintenance does not differ from that of traditional systems.

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Technopolis has twelve ARE Sensus® sites

Technopolis has had Sensus installed in twelve of its sites. They chose Sensus because of the pleasant indoor climate, easily adjustable facilities and reduced energy consumption.