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Privacy Policy

ARE is fully committed to protecting your individual rights and keeping your personal data safe. This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect about you, why we collect it, our storing and sharing practices, and what your privacy rights are.

Privacy Statements

Privacy Statement

Employees and Independent Workers on
Construction Sites Where ARE Oy Is the Main Contractor
Updated 24.10.2022

Privacy Statement

Customer and supplier data file
Updated 22.3.2021

Privacy Statement

Data file for company event arrangements
Updated 1.6.2021

Privacy Statement

For Video Surveillance Footage
Updated 4.4.2023

Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement for Applicant Data File
Updated 13.1.2023

Privacy Statement

Data file for personal data required for providing
property maintenance and contracting services
Updated 1.6.2021

Ethical channel / whistleblowing

Privacy Statement

For Whistleblowing Channel
Updated 25.4.2023

Whistleblowing -policy and ethical channel

Guidelines for using ethical channel
Updated 25.4.2023

ARE’s Supplier Code of Conduct

Updated 22.9.2023

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