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Modernised technical building solutions make your property more competitive.
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Talotekniikkaa korjausrakentamisen kohteisiin

We provide a broad range of renovation services, ensuring the productivity of the property. In addition to renovating technical building systems, we offer construction services.

Outdated technical building systems, poor indoor climates and impractical layouts make properties less competitive. Environmental requirements have become stricter, but there are better opportunities for more effective energy management. Should your property be modernised? 

Our technical building system experts and construction professionals help you make your property more competitive and eco-friendly.


Are provides technical building and construction services

We provide a broad range of technical building renovation services, from individual condition surveys to demanding repair measures.

Our professionals will ensure that the technical building solutions in your property are future-proof.   Our technical building services are complemented by our construction professionals, who implement modifications quickly.  


Technical building system renovation

We repair and renovate all technical building solutions on your property. Our renovation projects always start with a condition survey.


Are Sensus is an energy-efficient option

The Are Sensus® low-energy system is a competitive option for renovating technical building systems.


We develop properties based on business operations

We offer a broad range of solutions, from condition surveys to demanding repair measures, including planning, project management and implementation. We take account of any disturbance and interruptions, and complete our renovation projects on schedule.

Our professionals prepare comprehensive condition assessments and energy studies that support your decision-making. For example, improving energy efficiency requires an in-depth understanding of various factors related to technical building systems and their effects. Such expertise is one of our strengths.


We repair and renovate all technical building solutions on your property:


For properties, infrastructure construction, special sites

Are renovates and modernises technical building systems at all types of properties and infrastructure construction sites.  Our areas of special expertise include data centres, power plants, infrastructure construction, hospitals, cultural buildings, shopping centres and other particularly demanding projects.

We use technical building systems to improve the quality of your property and make it cost-efficient and energy-efficient, regardless of the weather conditions.

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Our strengths

We also implements plumbing renewal projects