Turnkey contracting and project development

Our long-established project management model ensures that we are competitive.
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We also provide technical building services as turnkey contracts. In turnkey contracts, we take total responsibility for the project, from the project phase all the way to commissioning.

Technology enhances buildings! You will gain optimal benefit from modern technical building solutions when you take them into account as early as the initial design phase with the architect.


Cutting-edge technical building solutions

Our technical building system experts ensure that the building and its technology serve consistent goals in terms of energy efficiency and other aspects. Our project development and turnkey contracts ensure that your property will be equipped with technical building solutions that serve your specific needs.

Our experts provide support with planning throughout the project. This guarantees that the technical building solutions in your property are fully compatible and as energy-efficient as possible and make use of the best solutions provided by modern technology.


From project to maintenance

During the design phase, we will find the best solutions for your property. We prepare product-specific and system-specific cost estimates and carry out technical comparisons with regard to technical building systems. This plays a significant role in predicting the operating costs of the property. You will also have access to our cost-efficient purchasing channels throughout the project.

We will ensure that the technical building solutions create conditions and functionalities that meet your individual goals and the needs of the users of your property. Success is guaranteed when design support, purchasing channels, employees and project phases are managed in a centralised manner.


All the technical building services that you need:

  • Heating, plumbing and ventilation
  • Electricity, UPS and backup power
  • Cooling
  • Fire safety and security technologies
  • Automation
  • Fixed data networks for ICT infrastructure.


For properties, infrastructure construction, special sites

ARE excels at renovating and modernising technical building systems in all types of properties and infrastructure construction sites.  Our areas of special expertise include data centres, power plants, infrastructure construction, hospitals, cultural buildings, shopping centres and other particularly demanding projects. We use technical building systems to improve the quality of your property and make it cost-efficient and energy-efficient, regardless of the weather conditions.

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Are excels at technical building systems

As our client, you will have access to the most comprehensive selection of technical building systems and building technologies in Finland.