Energy management

Continuos work towards more energy-efficient properties.
Remote monitoring observes
Energy consumption
Energy management-Expert services-Are

Our expert services provide you with information about your energy consumption and help you make your property more energy-efficient.

Energy is the largest cost item in property management. In addition, the law obligates property owners to build and maintain their properties in line with EU climate and energy targets Efficient energy management lays the foundation for Smart property maintenance. 

Our energy management services cover the following areas:

  • Energy consumption and site inspections for companies
  • Energy efficiency analyses
  • Energy consumption reports and analyses
  • System design
  • Cooling system optimisation for properties


Remote monitoring and control

Remote monitoring enables our experts to systematically monitor energy consumption and the indoor climate in your property. This allows for more efficient and sustainable maintenance.


ESCO service – towards more energy-efficient properties

We are a national Energy Saving Company (ESCO) and have successfully implemented a large number of projects.  ESCO projects bring guaranteed energy savings. These savings are used to cover the projects costs, including investments.  Read more about ESCO at www.motiva.fi or contact us and ask more.

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