Indoor climate and energy management

Are has the most extensive network of services in Finland.
80 %
of facility study respondents
believe that the air quality indoors affects their energy levels

The best properties are not only energy-efficient and pleasant to use, but can easily be adapted to users’ needs. Our services help you create your target conditions for your property and find the ultimate causes of any problems.

Indoor climate measurement

Indoor climate measurements and monitoring provide you with factual information about the current conditions in your property. Indoor temperature, air humidity, carbon dioxide levels and pressure differences can be viewed online in real time. To ensure reliable results, we monitor conditions over a long period of time, instead of relying on single measurements.


Space efficiency measurement

Space efficiency measurements help you to determine the capacity of the facilities and technical systems in your property in relation to the number of people and equipment. The measurements cover electricity, ventilation and cooling systems, as well as parking, lift and sanitary facilities, for example.

Energy management services

Our expert services provide you with information about your energy consumption and help you make your property more energy-efficient.

Energy is the largest cost item in property management. In addition, the law obligates property owners to build and maintain their properties in line with EU climate and energy targets Efficient energy management lays the foundation for Smart property maintenance.


Our energy management services cover the following areas:

  • Energy consumption and site inspections for companies
  • Energy efficiency analyses
  • Energy consumption reports and analyses
  • System design
  • Cooling system optimisation for properties


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Are Sensus is a comprehensive solution

Are is able to reduce the electricity consumption of technical building systems by as much as 25%