Remote monitoring and control

Systematic monitoring and expert analysis support Smart maintenance services.
Every day of a year
Continuos monitoring keeps you informed
Expert service - Remote monitoring

Our control centre monitors and remotely controls the technical building systems in our customers’ properties around the clock. Remote controlling provides us with valuable information about energy consumption and the indoor climate and allows for more intelligent property maintenance.

We continuously monitor energy consumption and the indoor climate in our customers’ properties. In addition to the actual heat, electricity and water consumption, we monitor consumption trends. We analyse the data and report it to the customer each month, suggesting any necessary corrective measures and improvements to property management. 


Information guides the way

Systematic monitoring and expert analysis enable us to provide Smart maintenance services that meet our customers’ needs and the needs of the property. Instead of repairing damage, remote monitoring allows for more sustainable property maintenance and more energy- and cost-efficient properties with a more pleasant indoor climate.

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