Maintenance support services

Maintenance support services ensure the development and smooth running of day-to-day maintenance.
Remote monitoring and control
Supports maintenance

As part of our support services, we measure and analyse property maintenance performance. We also ensure the seamless operation of day-to-day maintenance and develop these services throughout the life cycle of the property.

At your service around the clock

Our Customer Service Centre ensures round-the-clock service for our contractual maintenance clients each day of the year. The centre handles and records service requests and forwards them to property caretakers. You can contact our Customer Service Centre at any time by calling 020 530 5700.


Control room services – monitoring, control and analysis

Our control room is a command centre that plays an important role in serving our contractual maintenance clients and ensuring a high quality of service.  The control room handles technical alarms and fault notifications, organises the necessary repair work and provides technical support, if needed.   Our remote monitoring services make use of automated systems in properties. We continuously monitor energy consumption and the indoor climate at our contractual sites. In addition to actual heat, electricity and water consumption, we monitor consumption trends.  The data is analysed and reported to the client each month, and any necessary corrective measures and improvements are based on this information.  In addition to monitoring, we can remotely control technologies in our clients’ properties, if necessary, and adjust ventilation and heating.


In-depth expert services

Our expert services support Smart Maintenance operations. Working closely with our experts, we create a set of indicators that consider the unique requirements of your property and your goals for maintenance operations. We systematically monitor and analyse performance, thereby enabling the development of maintenance throughout the life cycle of the property. We provide a comprehensive range of services related to energy and indoor climate management. We also carry out comprehensive condition assessments and offer expert services related to system technology.

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