Property maintenance

Local operations through a nationwide network.
1 600
Maintenance professionals at your service
ARE operates nationwide

Our highly competent maintenance employees ensure that your property will maintain its value throughout its life cycle. In addition to daily property management services, we also provide comprehensive installation and maintenance services that require special expertise.

By having day-to-day servicing in place, we can ensure the continuous functioning and safe use of a property and optimal conditions in it. Servicing is based on targets and plans specific to a property, as well as on the customer’s needs.

Our 24-hour online service promptly reacts to changes, preventing damage from happening. The maintenance of outdoor areas is an important part of property maintenance. 


Service Management

Comprehensive management of maintenance services is our strength. If you so wish, we can assume total responsibility for the maintenance of your property by offering you a service package that is suited for the use of your property and supports its users. For example, we can provide guidance for other service providers, produce service manuals, provide long-term planning and manage material procurement. 


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