Energy efficiency projects

Modernised technical building solutions make your property more competitive.
billion euros worth of
maintenance backlog in Finland

Environmental requirements have become stricter, but there are better opportunities for more effective energy management. Should your property be modernised?

Our technical building system experts and construction professionals help you make your property more competitive and eco-friendly. Modern building technology decreases energy costs, improves indoor conditions and increases property’s value. 


Future-proof and eco-friendly solutions

Improving energy efficiency requires an in-depth understanding of various factors related to technical building systems and their effects. Such expertise is one of our strengths.

Our professionals will ensure that the technical building solutions in your property are future-proof.  By updating automation systems, enhancing heat recovery and improving ventilation and cooling it’s possible to gain remarkable savings. Our technical expertise is complemented by our construction professionals, who implement modifications quickly.  


ESCO service – towards more energy-efficient properties

We are a national Energy Saving Company (ESCO) and have successfully implemented a large number of projects.  ESCO projects bring guaranteed energy savings. These savings are used to cover the projects costs, including investments.  Read more about ESCO at or contact us and ask more.

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