Modification and upgrading

Our construction services enable us to implement projects flexibly.
Remote monitoring supports life-cycle services
Modernisation services

Our modernisation services makes the technical building systems to meet the newest requirements.

Our comprehensive management of technical building systems and our construction services enable us to implement your modification and upgrading projects flexibly and with high-quality results. Our operations are guided by our Smart Maintenance model, where measures are planned, examined and managed in a client-focused manner throughout the life cycle of a property. Upgrading projects often aim to increase the service life of a property through improved energy efficiency and conditions.  


Our solutions cover all technical building systems:

  • Heating, plumbing and ventilation
  • Electricity, UPS and backup-power
  • Cooling
  • Fire safety and security technologies
  • Building automation


Construction services

When the planning, project management and implementation of a building services related project are all in the same hands, costs and deadlines stay under control. 

Our construction services enable us to implement projects flexibly. Procuring a building services system and construction services from one supplier, both the quality of work and the smoothness of the project are guaranteed throughout the project.


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