ICT infrastructure

We build fixed data networks for our clients, quickly, with a high level of expertise.
Around the clock
ICT infrastructure installations are often time-critical.
We build ICT infrastructure

We implement fixed data networks for our clients’ properties. Our modern, customised solutions have short delivery times. We are continuously steering the purchasing process towards more cost-effective and user-friendly solutions.

We understand that well-functioning, streamlined, high-speed data networks are and will continue to be a crucial element for the use of properties. Such data networks enable, for example, access control, video surveillance, fire alarm, antenna, audio-visual solutions, automated building systems and production facilities.


The only comprehensive service package in Finland

To ensure optimal conditions, the factors related to electricity and cooling must also be considered when building data networks. As experts on technical building systems, we are the only company in Finland that offers a comprehensive service package covering all of these aspects. As a large company, we are able to perform these tasks through comprehensive expertise and seamless cooperation in a timely manner. If necessary, we complement our expertise through partnerships.


From comprehensive packages to individual solutions

As a nationwide company, we are able to implement extensive projects through comprehensive expertise and seamless cooperation on a tight schedule. Our range of services covers network system design, work plans, construction, documentation and maintenance. We also carry out transfers, modernisation and extension of data centres as well as equipment and crossover facilities, providing the client with implementation support.


Around the clock

We understand that ICT infrastructure installations are often time-critical. We ensure timely implementation in accordance with a schedule that best suits the client and their business operations, regardless of the time of the day, week or year. Our national network makes our high-quality services accessible to all. Our Call Centre supports our operations around the clock.

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Our strengths

As a major player in technical building services, we have the capacity to provide our clients with the most cost-effective comprehensive package in a timely manner