UPS and emergency power

Uninterruptible power supply solutions from your expert partner.
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with Are’s UPS solutions

We provide UPS and emergency power supply equipment to ensure uninterrupted power supply to our customers’ critical systems such as data centres, stores and hospitals.

We will provide you with a comprehensive solution for your UPS and emergency power systems. Thanks to our extensive installation and maintenance network, we can install, deploy and maintain UPS and emergency power systems quickly and cost-efficiently everywhere in Finland.


UPS and emergency power systems

We provide UPS systems, 48V DC systems and diesel generators using equipment from leading manufacturers. UPS systems by Riello Electronica and Huawei are sold exclusively by us in Finland. We are also their authorised service agent. We work closely with other major suppliers as well.

Your emergency power solution will be designed according to your specific needs, taking into account the requirements of the rest of the technical building systems, such as cooling, power supply, security systems and automation.


UPS system maintenance

UPS equipment cleanups, adjustments, measurements, battery load tests, and critical connector checks will ensure that the UPS is working properly. We carry out UPS and emergency power system maintenance for all makes of equipment.

All our service contract customers have access to our UPS Service Centre around the clock.  This ensures practically uninterrupted service and rapid responses to any problems.


Accumulator batteries for all systems

Our experts carry out accumulator battery replacements as a turnkey service. The battery replacement service includes a new battery bank, all replacement costs, disposal of the old battery bank, UPS inspection, any cabling changes, and any cabinet and rack changes in battery extension projects.

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