Are offers better, cleaner and fresher air for the users of your property.
80 %
of facility study respondents
believe that the air quality indoors affects their energy levels

Are designs, installs, maintains and repairs ventilation equipment, units and systems across the country, irrespective of the manufacturer. We also renovate, extend, modernise and modify ventilation systems.

Careful planning and installation ensure a well-functioning ventilation system that is silent, consumes less energy and keeps the air inside the building fresh and clean. When properties are maintained in a preventive, systematic way, their users enjoy a pleasant indoor climate, even under changing temperature conditions.


High quality and reliability

We provide our clients with a high level of quality and reliability. Our highly skilled mechanics work flexibly and almost unnoticed, respecting the client’s facilities, work and schedules. Our national network makes our high-quality services accessible to all. We have broad and varied experience of all types of property. As well as traditional ventilation systems, we provide special solutions customised for various industries. We also carry out measuring and adaptation work for all types of ventilation units and ducts with a high level of expertise.


Duct cleaning

Cleaning ducts significantly improves indoor air quality. We provide duct and grease-duct cleaning services. Our broad and varied expertise covers office facilities, industrial sites, restaurants, shops, public buildings, hospitals, residential buildings, ships and many more.


Are has the capacity to deliver major projects

As a large company, we are able to deliver extensive projects and make comprehensive use of our in-house expertise. We have the capacity to deliver all types of service-construction projects on a tight schedule through good cooperation. Our Call Centre supports our operations around the clock.

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The Are way

Are Sensus® ensures fresh, clean air inside your property.