The Are attitude

Employees are appreciated, and it shows.
at your service

A positive atmosphere at the workplace encourages employees to try their best every day. This ensures a high quality of work for the client at all times. The Are attitude is our way of working together in accordance with our values.

Our values are part of our operating method and that is evident in our day-to-day work. The quotes on this page are from our employees. The Are attitude is manifested in the following ways:


We are here for our clients

  • “We genuinely pay attention to our clients’ specific needs.”
  • “We respect our clients’ wishes, and provide them with a friendly, enthusiastic and expert service.”
  • “We offer customised service packages to small and large clients alike.”


We are true professionals

  • “We are proud of what we do, without being complacent.”
  • “Our expert employees provide a one-stop service covering all aspects of technical building systems.”
  • “We never cut corners and always keep our promises, getting the job right the first time.”


We work together

  • “Teamwork is power, and big teams are unbeatable.”
  • “Our highly qualified and highly motivated employees work seamlessly together as a team, like clockwork.”
  • “We are a strong team who believe in our common goals and give our all to achieve them.”


We make a profit

  • “A determined, dynamic trailblazer.”
  • “We are taking the technical building systems sector to a new level.”
  • “Our advanced services and the size of our company are important as well – not in and of themselves, but as a means to better profitability.”
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Are's strengths

Our operations are founded on highly competent employees and their well-being.