Maintenance with eyes on the environment

Property Service Technician working in the technical room.

Tomorrow, on Saturday, the lights will go out in many households, as well as businesses and office buildings. This will also happen at our company headquarters, where the facade lighting will be turned off for an hour. The reason is Earth Hour, a worldwide environmental event, through which we are expressing our concern about the situation of our environment.  We are not alone. Many of our customers throughout Finland are participating in the campaign.


For us, the coming weekend means making special arrangements as a service provider. In modern buildings, the lighting is often programmable through building automation, which means we can make the necessary changes to the lighting control in the customer’s building in advance. In some properties, where automation is not yet in use, we will go to the site to turn out the lights. In addition to being a work task for us, creating the dark hour is also a natural time to think about maintenance from an environmental perspective.  


Our everyday maintenance and repair operations are guided by our own environmental system as well as the environmental targets of our customers. Maintenance that takes into account the entire life cycle of the property makes it possible to achieve savings in the usage costs of the property and implement an environmentally friendly, sustainable property management solution. When it comes to successful maintenance operations, a key player is the property manager. The person who, in addition to his or her other tasks, will turn out the lights in your office on Saturday. 


Energy-efficient and environmentally efficient maintenance operations cannot succeed without comprehensive management of technical systems and processes of the property. The property manager must be an expert in many technical areas, who not only takes into account the characteristics and special features of the property, but also knows how to “operate” the property in an optimal way during different seasons. The correct adjustments and preventative servicing improve the operations of the building from an environmental perspective, as well as from the perspective of other indicators. 


Our expert services support practical maintenance operations through remote monitoring connected to building automation. We regularly report observations related to energy consumption and the internal conditions of the building to our customers, and the observations are also reviewed without exception together with the property managers of the buildings. The reasons for any deviations are looked into, and the corrective measures are reviewed together. Despite the development of automation, the value of people’s work has not disappeared. Actually, it is the opposite. Technology is an irreplaceable tool when it comes to environmentally efficient maintenance work, but results come from the work of competent people. 


In addition to technical training, we provide tailored training for property managers aiming to optimise energy savings and property maintenance. In addition to theoretical studies, this training includes case exercises related to the property manager’s building. The exercises are reviewed with the manager’s supervisor and the results are packaged for use as optimisation suggestions. In the best case, the ideas will lead to investments that will pay for themselves in a short time. In addition to optimisation, the training leads to concrete results and increased motivation in one’s own work. 


Environmental efficiency of maintenance is a by-product of sensible actions. At the heart of well-planned and well-managed operations are competent and motivated employees who have a comprehensive understanding of the soul of properties. The company is responsible for ensuring that its employees have the right supplies in their backpacks, and that these are topped up regularly as the journey progresses. This way, you have the energy to look after yourself, your work and the environment. 



Tomi Rantanen

The writer is a Unit Manager at Are, who still wants to ski on the tracks in southern Finland thirty years from now.

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