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Metro stations Kaitaa and Soukka, Espoo

The construction of Kaitaa and Soukka west metro stations was implemented through a consortium formed by YIT and ARE.

The construction contracts for the stations of the second phase of the West metro were completed in mid-May 2022. The construction of Kaitaa and Soukka stations was carried out as a joint venture between YIT and ARE.

The underground stations of Kaitaa and Soukka were constructed within previously excavated spaces. The station contracts included the necessary technical rooms, service tunnels, maintenance tunnels, and connecting tunnels. In addition, entrance buildings were built for the stations.

The majority of the over 20,000 square meters at Kaitaa station consists of technical rooms that are not visible to daily metro passengers. The station serves various functions that also support other parts of the rail line. The Kaitaa tunnel features a smoke extraction fan that, in the event of a fire, directs air either into or out of the station. It also supplies firewater to other stations as needed.

“Beneath the platform area, there is a large HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment room responsible for the overall ventilation of the station. Additionally, there are hundreds of different technical devices installed beneath the feet of the station users. For Kaitaa station, we installed, among other things, 210 water supply devices and 539 ventilation devices,” explains Jari-Matti Satosalmi, Business Area Manager at ARE.

The underground area of Soukka metro station covers approximately 20,000 square meters. The contract included technical shafts, two entrances, and a maintenance tunnel. In total, nearly 11,000 cubic meters of concrete were poured for the project.

“Despite its complexity, the commissioning of the technical systems at Soukka station was successfully completed. The project involved 52 different building services systems,” describes Tomi-Pekka Bergius, Senior Project Manager at ARE.


Project name: Metro stations Kaitaa and Soukka

Builder: Länsimetro Oy

Role: The construction was carried out as a joint venture between YIT and ARE.

Size: n. 20 000 m²/22 900 m²

When: 2014-2022

20 000

square meters of surface area for both metro stations combined