Be inspired to inspire – managerial skills can be learned just like any other skill

Innostava esimiestyö

The idea of lifelong learning is old and familiar, but the message still stands. Learning new skills is a constant requirement in today’s ever-changing working life. Sometimes, this idea may seem challenging in the middle of all the hurry. ”Is it not enough to possess a great deal of diverse experience? Where could I even find the time to develop myself further?”


Even so, the thought of continuous development and learning is almost addictive. What a comforting thing it is to know that throughout your life, you never stop learning, and that you can learn new things all the time at work and alongside work! Does this not mean that we never have to be completely finished? 


Managers live and learn

Constant learning is a possibility (and a recommendation) in managerial work as well. Supervisors and managers face great pressure to have diverse skills from business trends to customer encounters, change management, labour law and individual psychology, or at least that is how it often seems. Sometimes, it feels that the definition of a good manager is an image of near perfection. When the demands directed at managers keep growing, could this lead to a reduced number of people willing to undertake managerial tasks? 


Perhaps a sufficiently good manager should be enough. A sufficiently good manager would be inspiring and just, interested in people, appropriately present in their everyday lives, knowledgeable about different policies of managerial work (such as acknowledging good performance and giving feedback), capable of constantly finding information (for instance, the specifications of applicable collective agreements on the salaries of maternity or paternity leaves or how the employee can reschedule their holiday if they get sick during their annual leave) and aware of the fact that colleagues and work teams may also be a great source of information. Someone who is sufficiently ”open”, yet confident in their work of guiding the employees. Did I describe your supervisor?


Focusing on the individual, even with managers

Without putting managers and supervisors on a pedestal in any way, it can be stated that the impact of managerial work on satisfaction and well-being at work is considerable. Managers should not see this as a stressful demand but view it humbly as a great opportunity. What could be more positive than the chance of influencing the working life of people and to make the work significant in the way each of us wants?


Managerial work can be learned. Wise people say that one can learn from one’s mistakes, and considering managerial work, it could mean that even a manager does not have to be perfect, although people are not wrong in expecting a great deal from them. This does not mean that managers (or even team members) could or should be forgiven for all mistakes no matter what, but managers should still be allowed to be themselves in all their human flaws. 


A manager who is truly interested in their work and in their employees plays a role in enabling the employees to succeed as well. Interest and inspiration is needed to create new, positive buzz.


We help each other to succeed, even the manager

As a team member, I have various means of influencing the success of my business partner, colleague or supervisor. Being more or less responsible for the working life of others is a demanding task, the success of which is aided by a humble yet assertive, inspiring yet sensible, all-round open attitude. 


Even managers and supervisors need the help of the group in order to succeed. Our philosophy is that we do not leave people to strive for success alone, not even managers. This is a great attitude to be adopted by both team members and those working in business support operations. Let us help our colleague and supervisor succeed today, tomorrow and every day, making work more pleasant and fruitful for us all. 

Päivi Lyly

The author is a HR Development Manager who is once again making a New Year's resolution to learn new things.

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