Best recipe for good indoor conditions

Good indoor conditions


In Finland, discussion about problems in indoor conditions has continued in different media for many years. Schools have problems with mould and people have to live in houses with fungi between the walls. The indoor air at work places is stuffy, yet sometimes it can get draughty around your desk. According to research, problems with indoor conditions are one of the biggest factors reducing productivity at work.


At work places, problems with conditions are more likely to be caused by the experience of the environment, rather than actual water damage. After working in building services for two decades, I know that these problems always have solutions. The important thing is to focus on identifying the problem, measuring and analysing the factors affecting the conditions, and the correct use and maintenance of technology.


When the surrounding conditions are in order, they do not steal your attention, allowing you to focus on actual, profitable activities in accordance with your goals.


Listen to the users

Measuring indoor conditions offers digital information on the conditions of the property, showing the way to any problem sources. This does not reduce the significance of feedback received from users, as it often provides an essential basis for observations and measurements. Actively monitoring feedback, measuring the conditions and openly sharing the results to the users of the property improve satisfaction and include everyone in creating a more comfortable property.


Simple? Absolutely not. The road to success requires competent professionals capable of anticipation as well as systematic monitoring and analysis of consumption and conditions. At Are, this model of operation is called  Intelligent Maintenance.


Energy efficiency without compromising conditions

Energy-efficient property = ecological. It is not quite as straightforward, of course; however, it is a fact that the most significant expense of a property comes from energy, and the largest emissions created during the life cycle of a property are due to energy production. Even so, saving energy by compromising conditions results in unhealthy buildings and unhappy or even incapacitated property users. In the ideal situation, costs can be reduced while also guaranteeing the best possible conditions for the property and its users.


Digitalisation for buildings introduces solutions that make it easier to monitor conditions in general and make it possible to process larger units. Thanks to analytics, we can efficiently prevent problems and provide the best possible customer experience in an energy and cost efficient manner.


wAreless – measured data of indoor conditions

Did you know that regardless of the type of property and the building services system, you can easily determine the indoor conditions of a property by using a wireless measuring service?


wAreless is an indoor condition measuring service provided by Are. The service is based on collecting and analysing information acquired through wireless sensors placed in the property. Values measured include room temperature and humidity, the carbon dioxide levels in indoor air, and the pressure ratios inside a building. The objectives, measuring points and duration of the measurement are always customised to each case, but often a monitoring period of one or two weeks is enough to give an idea of possible problems, allowing us to offer a suggestion for corrective measures. The surrounding area is also monitored during the measurement, allowing us to provide a comprehensive solution to suit the functionality of the location.



Harri Launo

The author is the Unit Director of Expert Services at Are, doing all he can to keep people from suffering from poor conditions.

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