Copters to improve roof inspections

Roof inspection can be carried out more easily by using a four rotor UAV

Different weather conditions can wear down the roof structures of buildings in the course of time. Snowy winters place a load on structures and strong winds wear down joints. The rooftop itself is affected by changes in weather: sunshine causes changes and thermal motion, while rain, snowfall and pollution wear the material down. The endurance of different materials reaches a low point at some point, so regular inspections of roofs and rain water systems should be a part of the maintenance program of any building.


Springtime roof inspection

In many cases, observing the roof by sight is enough for an annual inspection of the condition of the roof. Spring is an excellent time for conducting the inspection, as winter’s snow load is gone and the rooftop and other structures can be freely inspected for any damage caused by weather changes. Instead of climbing on the roof, the inspection can be carried out more easily by using a four rotor UAV.


Multi-use roof copter

The use of camera copters allows you to inspect not only the condition of roofs, but also heating cables, leaves piled up in rainwater drains, and the situation of snow on the roof, all while standing firmly on the ground.


By adding a thermographic camera to the copter, you can also conduct a thermographic survey on the facade and roof of the property, allowing you to locate heat loss points, insulation errors and moisture under plastering or outer roofing.


The future of copters in property business

The use of copters in the maintenance-supporting tasks of the property business is nothing new; however, in the future, tasks performed with the use of copters will be much more diverse.


Innovations based on sensor technology, such as the drone used to monitor industry emissions recently introduced by Aeromon, will undoubtedly find their way to the copters used in property maintenance tasks. Moreover, in the near future, it will also be possible to conduct small tasks, such as small repairs and cleaning, with the help of a copter.


Many technological fields are producing important new innovations that will also irreversibly change the property business. We are certainly living in interesting times.



Juho Siitonen

The author is Chief Technical Officer at Are. He enjoys flying copters and frisbees.

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