Are and HOK-Elanto conclude an agreement on the provision of property maintenance services

Are and Helsinki Cooperative Society Elanto (HOK-Elanto) have concluded an agreement on the provision of maintenance services for a significant number of properties. The agreement covers 68 properties in total.


With this agreement, HOK-Elanto will no longer operate decentralised property maintenance services but is now centralising its entire maintenance of building services and outdoor areas with one service provider.


“Only a sufficiently large operator like Are can take on such a large responsibility without subcontractor chains.The choice of Are was also influenced especially by the fact that they have the services, expertise and technical competence that cover the entire scope of building services,” says Jyrki Karjalainen, Real Estate Director at HOK-Elanto.


The agreement encompasses HOK-Elanto’s primary shopping locations including the Kaari shopping centre, seven Prisma Centres, Backas Manor in Vantaa, and Kodin Terra in Tuusula.The agreement takes effect in October 2014.In addition to property and technical maintenance, the agreement covers minor repairs and maintenance of outdoor areas.


Are will also be responsible for the remote management of property automation.Are’s helpdesk will provide round-the-clock support for the service.


“This is Are’s most extensive individual maintenance service agreement this year.It is a very important agreement for us,” says Seppo Korhonen, Business Director at Are’s Building Services Contracting.


The agreement between HOK-Elanto and Are ensures concerted management of the quality and content of maintenance services.


“In addition to cost effectiveness, we are also aiming for improved controllability and manageability. Cost savings will be generated through scale advantages and energy efficiency. Our properties are already very energy-efficient, and in the future this will certainly require investment. Are also has solid expertise in this area,” Karjalainen says.


The services provided for HOK-Elanto will accord with Are’s intelligent maintenance model. The model is based on continuous development jointly with the customer.


“The technical aim is to optimise energy efficiency and a high-quality indoor air environment.These are inseparable from each other in building services, and a balance needs to be found between the two,” says Korhonen.


HOK-Elanto is the market leader in the retail grocery trade in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and expects its service provider to deliver high quality and commitment to everyday work.


“The user satisfaction of the customer and of the shopping centres’ staff and consumers is the most important and visible performance indicator in our work,” Korhonen says, outlining the key aims of the service.


For additional information, please contact:

Seppo Korhonen, Business Area Director, Property Services, Are Group, tel. +358 (0)40 300 5098, seppo.korhonen(at)

Jyrki Karjalainen, Real Estate Director, Helsingin Osuuskauppa Elanto, tel.+358 (0)10 76 60190, jyrki.karjalainen(at)

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