Are and SOK have concluded an agreement on maintenance operations

Are Oy and Suomen Osuuskauppojen keskuskunta (SOK) have concluded agreements  concerning the technical maintenance operations of the logistics centres operated by Inex Partners as well as the technical repairs and maintenance of 18 hotels run by Sokotel Oy. 


Are to maintain the largest logistics centre in Finland


In accordance with the agreement, Are will begin the technical maintenance of the logistics centres operated by Inex Partners in Vantaa and Sipoo at the beginning of February. The agreement makes Are responsible for the maintenance operations of the largest logistics centre in Finland. Are has been involved in the installation of the technical building systems of the 190,000 m2 logistics centre located in Bastukärr, Sipoo, so the maintenance agreement was natural way to continue cooperation.  In the summer, Are will also take on the maintenance operations of logistics terminals located in Lempäälä, Liminga and Kuopio.


Are to maintain Sokos Hotels and Radisson BLU hotels


In addition to the logistics centres, the contract between Are and SOK covers the maintenance operations of 18 hotels run by Sokotel. In accordance with the agreement, the annual technical maintenance, fault repairs and external areas of the Sokos Hotels and Radisson Blu hotels in the Helsinki Metropolitan Region, Tampere and Oulu also fall within the scope of Are’s maintenance operations.


Are wins partner contract based on best overall impression in the tendering process


SOK Kiinteistötoiminnot is responsible for the property affairs of SOK and its subsidiaries as well as for property service production. The schedules for launching the maintenance services for the Inex Partners and Sokotel Oy properties were therefore uniform during the tendering process.


“Are gave the best overall impression at the tendering stage and during the contract negotiations, in terms of costs, quality management, customer needs, and the designs for taking over the properties. Based on these grounds, we decided to choose Are as our partner after the contract negotiations,” says SOK Property Manager Janne Rytkönen.


“The agreements concluded with SOK are highly significant to Are. They allow us to expand our maintenance operations to a new property base and to enhance our cooperation with SOK,” says Jyri Seppänen of Are Property Services.


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Petteri Puumalainen, Account Manager, tel. +358 40 300 6800,


SOK Kiinteistötoiminnot

Otto Oksanen, Director – Facilities Management, tel. +358 50 388 3898,



Are is the largest technical building services company in Finland. Our technical building contracting and property maintenance services guarantee energy efficiency and a comfortable indoor climate throughout the entire life cycle of the building. We focus on intelligent technical maintenance and our Are Sensus low-energy system in particular. Established more than 100 years ago, the Are Group employs approximately 2,900 people. We serve our customers in 25 locations in Finland and in St Petersburg, Russia. More information:


SOK operates as the central organisation of the cooperative enterprises of the S Group and provides them with procurement, expert and support services. SOK is also responsible for the strategic guidance of the S Group and the development of the business chains. The SOK Corporation comprises SOK and its subsidiaries.


Inex Partners is a logistics company wholly owned by SOK. The company is in charge of providing storage, transportation and other logistics services for the grocery and consumer goods chains of the S Group. The logistics centres located in Kilo, Espoo, and Batukärr, Sipoo, serve as the company’s head offices.


Sokotel is an SOK subsidiary in charge of travel and nutrition business operations. Sokotel runs five Radisson Blu hotels and 16 Sokos Hotels in Finland. Sokotel operates in the Helsinki Metropolitan Region, Tampere, Oulu and Vaasa.

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