Are helps Asokodit homes to save energy

Are is responsible for the HPAC maintenance and technical service of over a half of the 609 Asokodit right-of-occupancy homes.Energy saving is one of the major success indicators of the cooperation.Begun in 2009, the cooperation has created a six per cent energy saving.Long-term monitoring and development as well as systematic implementation are key in energy saving.Swift reaction to any defects is also important.

“The achievement of goals is monitored at monthly meetings.In our biannual meetings we go over larger surveys and concentrate on planning future actions.Are is very active in suggesting new ways of reducing costs,” says property manager Tero Salminen from Asokodit.
“Are uses remote monitoring for many of the Asokodit buildings.This way any sudden changes in matters such as water consumption are discovered quickly, which prevents extra energy loss,” Salminen says.
Simple methods and systematic implementation
Energy is mostly saved with simple methods that are systematically implemented.Asokodit has designated the management of the thermoregulation curves of the Asokodit buildings to Are, so the system is now managed by one operator only.
“We respond to changing conditions and residents’ wishes regarding indoor temperature by first studying the apartment-specific conditions and then taking the necessary measures before altering thermoregulation in the entire building.With this method we have been able to optimise thermoregulation and decrease long-term energy consumption,” says Teemu Jalomäki, who is responsible for the Asokodit account at Are.
“We have also decreased heating energy consumption by monitoring ventilation operating times,” he says.
Besides heating energy, water use also plays a major role in total energy consumption.
“To optimise water use, we have installed constant pressure valves in the buildings to regulate standard flow rates so that each and every tap will reach the rated flow.Moreover, the water pressure will remain the same in the entire water network.This has created savings of about three per cent in water consumption.It has also enabled us to get rid of extra hydraulic impact which in turn will lengthen the life expectancy of the network,” Teemu Jalomäki says.
Wide responsibility enables development
Long-term cooperation also includes short- and long-term planning which Asokodit can use to budget repair needs in the long run.Are also performs energy and water consumption assessments in the buildings it manages.
Are makes comparisons between various buildings, performs apartment-specific temperature measurements and energy consumption inspections in the buildings with highest energy consumption and seeks new saving methods with pilot projects.The knowledge achieved this way will be applied in all the maintained buildings.
Asokodit conducts an annual survey to gauge the satisfaction of its house managers with Asokodit’s cooperation partners.“Are has received good marks in these surveys, particularly with regard to information sharing and its activeness in suggesting targets for development and savings,” Tero Salminen says.
Are to sponsor a new energy saving investment
As a new form of cooperation, Are will install and sponsor a ground source heat pump in a terraced house in Nummela, which is currently heated with oil.The expected saving is about 30 per cent in energy costs.
The investment is made with the Aresco sponsoring model, in which Are makes the investment and Asokodit will later pay Are the heating costs.“We have good experience of ground source heat in other sites.Are’s sponsoring model will also promote the introduction of ground source heat elsewhere,” Tero Salminen says.
For additional information, please contact:
Asokodit Tero Salminen, tel. +358 40 5639205
Are Teemu Jalomäki, tel. +358 40 300 5717
Are SeppoKorhonen, Business Area Director, Property Services, tel. +358 40 300 5098

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