April 13, 2016 Are provides property maintenance services for TOK

Are Oy                                 Press release                                         13 April 2016 at 10:30 a.m.


Are Oy and the Turku Regional Cooperative of S Group (TOK) have signed an agreement on the maintenance of the properties operated by TOK. The agreement came into effect on 1 April 2016. It covers the maintenance of the Prisma, S-Market and Sale stores, three hotels and the service stations of the ABC chain in the Turku region, among other properties. The agreement also includes outdoor area maintenance to some extent.


With the agreement, TOK abandons decentralised property maintenance and centralises property maintenance services and some outdoor area maintenance services with a single operator in the Turku region.


“Through a competitive bidding process, we were looking for a partner with comprehensive expertise in property maintenance. The services provided by Are met our needs, and we will get all property maintenance services cost-efficiently from the same operator,” says Antti Heikkilä, Property Manager at TOK.


“This is a very significant agreement for Are Property Services in Turku. It marks a strong increase in the number of sites maintained by us. We aim for long-term cooperation that expands over time and where the development of services and technical buildings systems plays an important role,” says Jaakko Niemi, Account Director at Are.



More information:
Jaakko Niemi, tel. +358 40 300 5190, jaakko.niemi@are.fi 

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