Are Sensus® at the Fennia headquarters in Pasila

Are Oy           Press release           10 August 2016 at 9:00 a.m.


Are and Fira have entered into an agreement on HVAC, electricity and automation work for the Fennia headquarters on the Pasilanportti property. The renovated Fennia property will be furnished with the Are Sensus® building automation system. The value of the contract is approximately EUR 5.2 million.


The principal developer of the new Fennia headquarters in Pasilanportti is Fira. The property has 14,300 m2 of office space on eight floors, along with two floors of technical, storage and parking facilities under ground. Fennia will move to the renovated office in spring 2017.


Excellent indoor climate and energy-efficiency


“The renovated building was completed in the 1980s. In order to make it meet modern requirements, we focused on three key areas when planning the work: the building’s architecture in the strongly developing neighbourhood of Pasila, the new ways of working enabled by digitisation, and the complete overhaul of the technical building systems. The new ways of working, which are often a combination of stationary desks and shared office space, have set new requirements on the conditions of buildings. The number of people has increased, they have become more mobile within the building, and cooperation has become more common,” says Timo Rantala, Head of Real Estate Investments at Fennia.


“We wanted to ensure that our new headquarters will enable our employees to work efficiently, also when using new working methods, and we also wanted the renovated building to be energy-efficient. We did not want to achieve energy savings at the expense of the indoor climate. We compared the calculated energy savings brought by different building automation systems and ordered life cycle calculations on the property. Our choice of Are Sensus as the system for Pasilanportti was based on these calculations,” Rantala continues.


“Fennia is a company that always looks to the future. Its corporate responsibility is manifested, among other things, in the issues which the Sensus system can solve. We appreciate having such an important real estate investor as our customer. We have cooperated with Fira in several office projects in the capital region with great success,” says Kai Nurho, Regional Director at Are.


“We use Sensus at our head office in Technopolis, Vantaa, and the system has helped us to make our office environment more comfortable. Based on our own positive experiences, I can recommend the system also for Fennia,” says Miska Eriksson, Vice President at Fira.


Efficient implementation


In order to achieve the best possible result, Are and Fira cooperate closely at all stages of the project, from design to implementation.


“Fira and Are have worked together in several Sensus projects in the past. In order to perform well, the implementation team must collaborate seamlessly and with utmost confidentiality. This is achieved through long-term and open cooperation. The project has ambitious objectives, but I know that our carefully selected implementation team can meet them,” says Miska Eriksson.


“We always implement the Sensus system efficiently and run several tests before handover. For example, we use thermograms to make sure that each ceiling panel operates as it should. We also train the users of the property to use Sensus,” adds Kai Nurho.


More information:

Are Oy

Kai Nurho, Regional Director, tel. +358 40 516 4233, 


Fennia Group

Timo Rantala, Head of Real Estate Investments, tel. +358 40 528 7141,


Fira Oy

Miska Eriksson, Vice President, +358 (0)400 869 055,


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We focus on intelligent technical maintenance and our Are Sensus low-energy system in particular. Established more than 100 years ago, the Are Group employs approximately 2,900 people. We serve our customers in 25 locations in Finland and in St Petersburg, Russia.


Fennia Group is an expert in insurance and related services. We provide companies, entrepreneurs and households with the risk management, insurance and asset management services they need.

The Fennia Group consist of three companies: Fennia, which specialises in non-life insurance, Fennia Life, which offers voluntary life, pension and deposit insurance products, and Fennia Asset Management Ltd, the Group’s asset management business. 


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Furthermore, Fira builds smartly: to suit your needs, proactively, and cost-efficiently. Fira Group comprises Fira Oy, which serves as the main developer in different renovation, repair and new construction projects, and Fira Services Oy, which specialises in piping renovation. Fira Group is headquartered in Vantaa, and its turnover in 2015 amounted to approx. EUR 135 million. 

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