Are Sensus energy efficiency system now also uses ground source heat

The Are Sensus building services system has been developed to use free and low-energy sources to significantly reduce or even largely replace purchased energy. The new Innova2 office building under construction for Technopolis in Jyväskylä will be the first to have a system that includes ground source heat harvested with energy piles.

Even in extremely cold temperatures, the temperature of the heating water in the Sensus system does not need to be as high as 40 degrees Celsius. The low temperature improves the efficiency of the system’s heat pump by more than 20 per cent over conventional heating systems, which require a temperature of more than 50 degrees Celsius. Higher efficiency means lower heat pump power consumption.

At Innova2, ground source heat will be harvested with pipes installed inside the building’s foundation piles. The energy pile is an economical alternative for buildings that require piling instead of wells drilled into bedrock. The two solutions can also be used together. The ground pipes will also be used to cool the building, further reducing energy consumption.

The Are Sensus energy efficiency system significantly reduces the consumption of heating energy and the power consumption of building services. The system’s energy efficiency is based on effective utilisation of free sources of energy. In practice, the system transfers heat from rooms and data centres to ventilation equipment in which this free energy heats air drawn in from outside. Similarly, cool outdoor air is used as a free cooling source. Inside, ceiling panels heat and cool the interiors comfortably and without draughts.

The Are Sensus energy efficiency system controls the heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting of the premises. It has an automated system that controls ventilation and provides soft and glare-free lighting autonomously for each space based on occupancy. The system is both people-friendly and environmentally friendly: it consumes less energy than conventional solutions and guarantees a comfortable and healthy working environment. Interior spaces are also easy to modify and furnish.

We already have ten years of positive experience with the Are Sensus® system. Completed projects that incorporate the Are Sensus system already amount to a total of more than 100 000 m2. Buildings currently under construction include projects for Technopolis in Jyväskylä, Helsinki and Vantaa, and for Metsätapiola in Espoo. For additional information, please contact:

Design Manager Heikki Mäki, Are Group, tel. +358 (0)40 300 5606.

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