Are Sensus proves its efficiency in energy consumption comparison

According to a comprehensive comparison carried out by Are, Sensus produces average savings of 30 per cent in heating energy consumption and 20 per cent in total energy consumption. The buildings compared in the study were modern office buildings.

Nine comparable office buildings completed since 2000 were examined in the study. Four of these use conventional building services, and five use Are Sensus.

According to the study, the heat consumption of buildings equipped with the Sensus system is just 70 per cent of that in the buildings equipped with a conventional system. In the best Sensus buildings, the consumption level is 65 per cent of the average consumption in the other group of buildings. Electricity consumption in the Sensus buildings averages 80 per cent of that in the other buildings, and the best figure was 70 per cent of the average consumption.

“Experiences of the Are Sensus system over the past ten or more years have been good. This is the first time that we have been able to compare conventional building services and Are Sensus to this extent in an authentic environment. The study confirms our previous information and helps us to further develop the system,” says Design Manager Heikki Mäki of Are Group.

Are Sensus combines energy efficiency and optimal indoor conditions

The energy efficiency of Are Sensus is based on effective utilisation of sources of free energy and low energy. In practice, the system transfers heat from rooms and data centres to ventilation equipment, where this free energy heats air drawn in from outside. Similarly, cool outdoor air is used as a free cooling source. The Are Sensus system can also efficiently utilise low-energy sources such as ground source heat and solar energy.

Are Sensus has automated systems specific to each space and controlled according to occupancy. It incorporates independent control of ventilation and of the soft and glare-free lighting, among other things. Panels installed in the ceilings heat and cool the interiors comfortably and without draughts. With building services integrated into the ceiling panels, premises can be planned and modified flexibly. At the same time there is an improvement in the soundproofing between rooms.
“At some of the sites, user satisfaction surveys are carried out covering indoor conditions as well. A pleasant working environment has a great impact on the wellbeing, performance and comfort of staff, and Are Sensus has received positive feedback for creating such good and pleasant conditions. The satisfaction surveys also provide important user information for the optimum and ecological use of the building,” says Mäki.

Are Sensus has been installed at 20 sites, covering a total floor area of over 150,000 square metres. New Sensus buildings are currently being built for Technopolis in Jyväskylä, Helsinki and Vantaa, for Metsätapiola in Espoo, and for Sponda in Helsinki.

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Design Manager Heikki Mäki, Are Group, tel. (0)40 300 5606

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