Are Sensus simulation model and interface incorporated in IDA-ICE simulation application

The work was carried out in co-operation withEQUA Simulation Finland Oy.Now, planners and energy consultants can make reliable comparisons of the energy consumption of Are Sensus and other building services systems.

The main purpose of the new Are Sensus simulation model and interface is to calculate and simulate energy consumption in individual projects.The calculation takes into account the intended use of the building.

The development work also resulted in the streamlining of the processes related to Sensus.It is now easier for planners to provide customers with information on the impact of different building services solutions at a property throughout its life cycle.Customers and developers can request a Sensus calculation in the early stages of a project.

“This provides customers with new opportunities for comparing the energy costs and environmental impacts of different solutions and for carrying out the open tendering of projects reliably,” says Design Manager Heikki Mäki of Are Group.

The usability of the Sensus component of the IDA-ICE simulation application was improved in the development project.The new Sensus interface is visually self-explanatory,so it is easy to select different solutions when making calculations, as all the functions are implemented in a user-friendly way.Calculation work is quicker and requires less effort.

The IDA-ICE simulation application has been used in the planning and dimensioning of Are Sensus sites since 1999.Until now, the software has mainly been used for simulating the indoor conditions of properties,and energy management has also been simulated for the purposes of development work.

“We have been developing the measurement of indoor conditions and energy calculation with Are and Heikki Mäki for around 15 years.During this co-operation, we have carried out hundreds of simulations and calculations, starting with the project in which the first Sensus system was adopted,” says Mika Vuolle of EQUA Simulation Finland Oy.

Are Sensus is alow-energy system which controls the heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting of premises.Sensus also ensures that indoor conditions are healthy and pleasant.

For additional information, please contact:

Heikki Mäki, Design Manager, Are Group, tel. +358 40 300 5606
Mika Vuolle, EQUA Simulation Finland Ltd, tel. +358 40 769 0010

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