Are Sensus smart building services solution for new university building in Jyväskylä

Key factors in the selection were a high-quality indoor air environment and the life-cycle economics of the system.

Both the future users and Are’s building services experts have been involved in the planning and design process for the new Ruusupuisto building from the earliest stages.The intention is to ensure that the new facilities will function well and be comfortable for users, and that building services will perform to the highest standard.

“At the project planning stage we established ambitious targets for the indoor air environment.Our aim is that the facilities should be healthy, safe and draught-free.Identifying user needs at the earliest possible stage gives us the right basis for a successful end result,” explains Timo Mälkönen, Senior Specialist, Building Systems & Technology at University Properties of Finland Ltd.

“The involvement of the building services supplier in project planning brings a valuable new perspective, particularly regarding management of indoor conditions and energy use.This ensures a successful outcome for energy efficiency and operating costs,” says Pepe Perkiö, Business Area Director of Are Group’s Building Services Contracting.

Are Sensus brings major savings in operating costs

Energy efficiency is an important factor for University Properties of Finland in its tendering and selection process.The specifications of the Are Sensus system satisfy the targets set for the indoor environment and for energy efficiency.

“The life cycle calculations for the Are Sensus system demonstrate that annual savings of 15% can be achieved in heating, 28% in overall power consumption for cooling, and 16% in overall power consumption for the building’s HEPAC systems, compared with conventional building services,” says Perkiö.

External operators Equa Simulation Finland Oy and Granlund Oy were used for the energy calculations.The calculations showed that the Are Sensus system brings major savings in operating costs, as heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning are combined in the same low-energy unit.

“Our aim is to operate responsibly and to make use of solutions that are economically feasible in life-cycle terms and sustainable, too.Our selection decisions are guided by the need for a property to function well at a practical level and by the life cycle costs.The investment cost alone is not sufficient as a selection criterion,” says Mälkönen.

The new university building will bring together experts from the Faculty of Education and the Finnish Institute for Educational Research.The building will have a gross area of 8,891 m2.The new campus building will have facilities for 1,000 students and about 300 employees.The Ruusupuisto construction work at the University of Jyväskylä is already under way.

For additional information, please contact

Are Group, Pepe Perkiö, Business Area Director, tel.+358 40 300 5553

Building Systems & Technology at University Properties of Finland Ltd, Timo Mälkönen, Senior Specialist, tel.+358 40 595 1529

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