Are to carry out the plumbing work at Valios new whey powder plant

The plant building will be connected to the other buildings in the area with a pipe tunnel, and the construction of some of the pipes in this tunnel is also included in the work to be carried out. The project will begin in March and be completed at the end of 2013.Valio focuses on the development and manufacture of Valio Demi™ low-mineral special whey powders which are used as an ingredient in high-quality baby food.Demand and quality requirements for these products are increasing, particularly in China and elsewhere in the Far East.Therefore, a new production plant will be constructed in Lapinlahti to ensure that the manufactured Valio Demi™ powders will continue to meet the quality requirements of even the most demanding baby food customers in the future. At the new plant, special attention has been paid to the efficient use of energy and water to reduce the amount of waste water created.
“This demanding project requires strong resources and expertise from our partners.Are is a nationwide operator which fulfils these requirements and responds to our needs,” says Antero Ylitalo, the project leader at Valio.
The large project is a major undertaking for Are and will require particular technical accuracy and the adoption of new techniques. The high hygiene requirements in a food production plant mean it is necessary to use an automatic welding machine, for example.
“We will carry out all the plumbing work required for the building services at the Lapinlahti plant. This plumbing work partly supports the various stages of the production process, which makes the project both challenging and very interesting,” says Pepe Perkiö, Business Area Director at Are.
For additional information, please contact:
Are Group, Pepe Perkiö, Business Area Director, tel +358 (0)40 300 5553
Valio Ltd, Antero Ylitalo, project leader, tel +358 (0)50 384 0482

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