Are to maintain Technopolis properties in St Petersburg

Are Group      Press release       11 March 2015 12.00 am

OOO Are and OOO Technopolis have signed an agreement on the technical maintenance and upkeep of the Technopolis St Petersburg Business campus. The campus is being built in three stages, the first two of which have been completed, totalling some 40,000 m2. The maintenance agreement entered force at the beginning of this year and it covers the maintenance and upkeep of all building services systems on the campus.


In Finland, Are and Technopolis have collaborated for many years. Energy-efficient Are Sensus systems are in use at many of Technopolis’s sites and Are maintains various Technopolis properties around the country.


“Are and Technopolis have developed a maintenance model that produces high-quality and energy-efficient services cost effectively. We are a demanding customer and the partnership programme we have with Are has yielded excellent results. Choosing Are Sensus systems especially has proven a prudent decision for Technopolis thanks to the systems’ energy efficiency and the customer satisfaction we have gained. Now, we are introducing the maintenance model that we developed with Are in Finland to St Petersburg as well. It’s quite unheard of in Russia,” says Ismo Myllymäki, Head of Property Management & Maintenance at Technopolis.


“Expanding our collaboration with Technopolis to St Petersburg was an important step for Are. Everyone in our organisation is excited about the new agreement. Providing maintenance services to a company that is a leader in its field is a positive challenge for us in terms of our ability to innovate and provide a professional service. Property maintenance is an important strategic growth area for Are in St Petersburg,” explains Lauri Leskinen, CEO of OOO Are.



See a photograph of the Technopolis St Petersburg Business campus:


For additional information, please contact:

Are Group
Lauri Leskinen, CEO, OOO Are,, tel.+358 40 300 5616 (Finland),+79 21 411 6753 (Russia)


Technopolis Plc
Ismo Myllymäki, Head of Property Management & Maintenance,, tel.+358 40 774 8853

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