Are’s new, customer-oriented organisation

Published 1 September 2020

As our operations expand and develop, we are also renewing our organisation from 1 September 2020 onwards to continue offering the best customer and employee experience in the industry. Moving forward, our operations will be divided into five business areas. New matrix organisations will be established for the service and project business, ensuring uniform, high-quality operating models in both Finland and Sweden. A new Legal and Compliance function will be established for support services.

Local decision-making observes regional characteristics

Our operations will be divided into the following five business areas: Southern Finland, Western Finland, Eastern Finland, Sweden and Russia.

“The purpose of this change is to ensure agile decision-making and pay more attention to regional characteristics,” says CEO Heikki Pesu.

Legal, quality and compliance-related matters will be separated from the finance organisation, and Legal Counsel Heikki Tanner will be appointed as the Director of the new function.

“As our goal is to help our customers reduce the carbon footprint of properties, compliance runs deep at the core of our business operations. Our new function strengthens Are’s risk management as well as the high quality and responsibility of operational management,” says Heikki Tanner.

As a result of these changes, Are’s Management Group will be joined by Ari Kinnunen, Business Area Director for Eastern Finland, Heikki Tanner, Legal Counsel as well as the person selected to run the projects. The other members of the Management Group are CEO Heikki Pesu, CFO Laura Kekarainen, HR Director Kaisa Tuuliainen, SVP, Procurement Pekka Björkman, Business Area Director for Southern Finland and Director of the Services unit Seppo Korhonen and Business Area Director for Western Finland Marko Otranen.

Best customer experience in the industry through consistent policies

New matrix organisations will be established for the service and project operations, ensuring uniform operating models and growth in both Finland and Sweden. The new Services function will be directed by Seppo Korhonen. The recruitment process of the Director of the Projects function has not been completed.

“We want to ensure that our customers receive the same service quality throughout our business areas and that we can duplicate the best operating models from our different areas. The local contact persons will continue to manage and develop our local customer relationships,” says Seppo Korhonen.

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